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Before applying . . .

  1. Contact us at 075-431-0696 if there is any changes aer you have applied.
  2. Request for cancellaon of the residence must be made at least 2 months prior to the date of move-out. For all parking spaces that are not aached to a room, please make sure that this is done one month in advance of the cancellaon date.
    A cancellaon fee will be charged if an applicaon is made late.
  3. Please vacate the room and return the key one week before the end of the month, as the room needs to be restored to its original condion (cleaning, repair, etc.).
    (stated on the back of the contract)
  4. No daily rent calculaon is available even if the date of delivery is midway through the month.
    (stated on the back of the contract)
  5. Please specify the contractor’s account for the refund of the deposit.
  6. If the input details are incomplete, we will not accept your applicaon. In this case, the we will contact you.
  7. Please return the key to the nearest office or management department.

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